Train to Dijon

Headed to Dijon this morning, local train comes about every 15-20 minutes and it takes about 20 minutes from Beaune.  Dijon is fairly large city with an impressive walking tour laid out.  Owl markers are embedded in the sidewalk and it takes you to all of the major sights in town.  I wish I knew more of this history, but the tour took me past many impressive buildings, and of course I found a nice local bistro to have lunch, Chicken with a chanterelle cream sauce which I’ll need to recreate at home sometime.  My landlord at the current rental apartment generously handed my an English guidebook for this walk with numbers in the pavement correlating to the various sights.  Tomorrow I’ll be on an all day “prestige” wine tour.  One of the problems of traveling solo is that often the small tours have a minimum number of people, I usually email the top rated provider and ask if I could be added to an existing tour.  In this case, I was able to change a train ticket to a later train to facilitate this all day tour, but you get whatever they happen to be doing.  I’ll report on it tomorrow.


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